Alert: New Department of Labor Forms!


The Department of Labor has published updates to the following forms regularly used by insurance carriers and employers:

1.   First Report of Injury;

2.   Agreement as to Compensation;

3.   Agreement as to Death;

4.   Final Receipt.

All 4 new forms are linked above.

The Department of Labor has advised that the “cut off” date when they will no longer accept old forms will be 3/15/23.

From a “best practices” point of view, we would suggest switching over to the new forms as soon as possible, and periodically monitoring the Department of Labor website ( A representative from the Department of Labor has advised that there may be formatting type changes made to the forms in the coming weeks, based upon ongoing feedback from the Workers’ Compensation Bar. To the extent that any changes are made, we will advise.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or issues that you would like us to report to the Department of Labor as you begin to use the new forms, please contact any of our Workers’ Compensation Department partners.