Diversity Scholarship Winner 2023

Diversity Scholar Winner: Brittany Jackson

It is with great excitement and pride to announce the recipient of The Heckler & Frabizzio Diversity Scholarship 2023, Brittany Jackson! This scholarship program was established with the vision of fostering a more inclusive and diverse community within the legal industry. Through this initiative, we aim to recognize and celebrate the exceptional talents and unique perspectives of individuals from various backgrounds.

The Firm received many applications from a variety of impressive individuals. The diversity committee worked diligently to review all applications using a standardized rubric and interviewed the top four applicants. Brittany inspired the committee with her commitment to diversity, the legal community, and her dedication to excellence. Please see a personal statement from our winner, Brittany Jackson, below.

I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had as a future attorney and as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. I have gained a much greater value of our country; both the law and institutions of society while simultaneously defending the constitution, the rights of the people, and securing their survivability. It was through these experiences that have provided a much greater understanding of the importance of representation within our legal system. As a Black woman, I am committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the legal field and making a positive impact on the Delaware community. Throughout my academic journey and personal experiences, I have witnessed the disparities that exist and the need for greater representation and equal access to justice. I have seen the importance of representation and the impact it can have on individuals and communities throughout generations. I firmly believe that diversity in the legal field brings varying perspectives, experiences, and insights that are crucial for addressing the complex legal issues faced within our society. By pursuing a legal education, I aim to challenge the underrepresentation of individuals in the field and contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable legal system.

One of my primary goals is to actively engage in initiatives such as Heckler & Frabizzio that support diversity and inclusivity within the field and provide financial assistance that makes pursuing the legal field feasible. I intend to contribute through mentorship as I recognize the significance of guidance in navigating the challenges faced by underrepresented groups. By sharing my own experiences and offering support, I hope to inspire future generations of legal professionals to pursue their aspirations and contribute their unique perspectives to the legal field. In addition to supporting aspiring law students, I am determined to contribute to the broader legal community in Delaware. I also intend to collaborate with local organizations, such as legal aid clinics and pro bono initiatives, such as the Veteran’s Law clinic in which I am actively engaged, to address the legal needs of both underrepresented and marginalized communities. Through these efforts, I aim to provide access to justice for those who might otherwise be overlooked or disadvantaged. By actively participating in community outreach programs, I seek to empower individuals and promote social change through legal education and advocacy.

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